Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick Days

As I have been battling with illness lately, I was reflecting on how we as women deal with being sick. Since we have so many others things on our plate, do we really take the time we need to fully recover? How many of use just push on and still do everything and more that we really need to do instead of taking care of ourselves?

I came across these photos last week that reminded me of a time last year when I came down with a cold and really had to take a few days off and let my family take care of me. I must say it felt kinda good. They brought me magazines and kleenex, kept me medicated and hydrated, and they cleaned the house to boot. I created this layout to remind me that sometimes it is okay to take the time to care for myself, but also, that there are times when I need help and I should be grateful that I have people here who want to take care of me.

And while I really do hate being sick, I must admit that the time above, it really wasn't so bad.


Tracy said...

I agree we as women don't take the time we need to get better.
I remember telling myself I couldn't get sick yet as I had to many things that needed to get done. Monday I could get sick, funny thing was Monday I did get sick LOL.

Marlene said...

Don't you just hate being sick? I love the idea for a "sick" layout! Yours turned out really nice.

Mardi said...

i love this layout, what a cool photo!