Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Be warned! What you are about to see is not the norm for me. You see, my desk this week is at the sewing machine. Now you might ask, why is this not normal for me. I am always sewing on paper. Actually, that was the reason that I bought this machine. But today, gasp, I am actually sewing on fabric!!!

Yes, you heard correctly, fabric. I am working on some teething worms for my beautiful, little niece.

What are teething worms you ask? They were first made by my children's great-grandmother when they started to teethed. It is easy for them to hold, they can bite and suck on the ends, and the fabric, well, not to be gross but it soaks up the excess drool and helps to keep their clothes dry. They can easily be tossed in the washer and my kids LOVED them. My sister asked me if I could make a few for Sophia, and of course I would do anything for either one of them, so here I am tonight at the machine.

*NOTE: The teething worms are filled with cotton batting as the cotton is very absorbent.

And last week, a few of you asked what that pointy thing on my desk was. It is a tube turner. I am not quite sure the picture shows it well enough, but basically you use it to turn tubes right side out. I also have used one for threading elastic through casings.

Well, that is it for this installment of WOYWW. Hop on over to the Stamping Ground to see more desks from around the world.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Starting Point Layout

Last week, I saw a starting point from Sue Althouse, and I decided to use it as a base for my page below. I kept it as is, except I flipped it to the left side of the page.

I wanted to use only a paper collection without any embellishments other than the cardstock stickers that were in the kit. I used modeling paste that I dyed with re-inkers to match the color of my bricks. I then stenciled the bricks over the layout. Once dried, I applied white paint with a dry brush to mimic the white painting of the bricks in the photo. I inked all of the edges of my papers with brown ink and distressed stained my letters to match. Simple strip journaling was added and done!

Thanks, Sue!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

AC Stamp

Yesterday, on my desk, was a new American Crafts Christmas roller stamp. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby with a coupon so I didn't have to pay the $5.99 retail value. It is with the holiday themed items and not in the scrapbooking section.

The photo below is a sample of the sayings found on this stamp. I thought some of them might come in handy for a December Daily. I also plan on making some index tabs to use on scrapbook pages.

Well, I just thought I would show you for the ones that were interested.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


What's on my desk this week? A mish mash of stuff waiting to be put away or used for a project. The little sunflowers are what I just finished making last night. The Spiderman card is due to go out to a friend of my daughter's. The American Crafts roller stamp that I bought last night (more on that tomorrow) and the wooden birdhouses to be altered for a holiday project for my sister. *Nikki, if you are reading this post, forget that last part. And let's not forget my giant jar of sour blueberry strings and ribbon candy. They have become my new summer treat.

If you are wondering why I am showing you my desk, head on over to The Stamping Ground and see what it is all about. But be warned, it is addictive!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I blame it on summer. The lack of creativeness going on, on this blog. Between celebrating my birthday, the Fourth of July, the beach vacation with my family, painting my art room, the rain, the sunshine, etc... The month of July is just going to be a creative bust for me, but that's okay, because I am enjoying this time in my life. The back pain is at a minimum and getting out in between all of the rainstorms that we have been having lately is a must to keep me sane.

I did manage to get one layout done this week, but it is very simple, as you can see below. I feel like I stepped back quite a few years and created this layout. But sometimes, simple is best. The hardest part was doing the photo.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well, not much has changed from last week. The desk is cleaner and some modeling paste and color have been added to my journal page. Not sure where I am going with this one yet. If you scroll down one post, you can see my first ever journal page. I guess you can say that I am hooked. I picked up the new Art Journal magazine to look at while I was at the beach. Other than that, all is quite on the home desk front.

Here is a close up of the page so that you can see the texture left by the stencil and paste.

And if you still haven't heard what this desk stuff is all about, hop on over to Julia's, at The Stamping Ground and see what it is all about.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

First Journal Page

It is so nice to be back from the vacation to the beach. While there, I spent some time on the beach soaking up the sun and listening to the surf, all the while sketching and thinking about journal pages in my mind. It was great! I really do have a whole new perspective to the things that I have been creating lately and what mediums I have been using. I finally feel that my art is starting to reveal who I am. I wanted to create a journal page with these thoughts and so what better way than to use a desk shot with some of these things in use.

Below is the first journal page I ever made. I gessoed my page, then used a credit card to add three colors of paint. Once dried, I added the photo and drew in my journal lines. The title, new artitude, just felt right. When dried, I stamped over with some white paint and bubble wrap, making sure to stamp over the photo. And I must admit, that for my first shot at this, I really love this page.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Just dropping by for a quick view of my desk. It is my birthday today and I am off with my Mom, sister, daughter, and niece to the beach. My first vacation in over a decade!

Last night, my hubby treated me to a wonderful night out with my sister's family. It was so nice since they just moved about an hour and a half closer to me. Now I have easier access to that lovely little girl of theirs. Only one hour away. Yeah!!!

On my desk this morning is a gessoed journal page waiting for me when I get back. I plan on stenciling in with the half moon shaped stencil when I get home from the beach. Not sure what it will become yet.

Below is my cover from my first art journal. I was afraid to start, so I started with the cover. I really like how it turned out. Stayed tuned next week for my first ever journal page.

I hope you all have a blessed week and weekend! See you next week!