Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Inspiration

Inspired by the blog of Michelle Wooderson, I have created my own holiday, inspiration center. I spray painted a tray with cherry red, added some small containers from the dollar store, and filled it with things that I could use to make Christmas pages, cards, and other projects.

Every time I see my little corner, it makes me happy. Oh, it's the little things. :) So, what inspires you lately?


Scrap Our Stash Challenge said...

Cute idea - hope it brings you lots of inspiration.

Hope all is going well for you! :)

Tracy said...

I kind of do this for each season when I am making my crafts.
But it isn't this cute. Thanks for sharing.
hummm I need a tray now and some pretty containers ;)

Julie said...

This is a great idea!!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

very cute idea! what inspires me? coming to other creative people's blog and seeing what they are creating! love it!

just signed up to follow you. please sign up to follow me if you wouldnt mind!