Monday, August 22, 2011

A Fresh Start

After a five month hiatus, I have slowly been getting ready to join back the blogging world. Those who know me, know what I have been through these past few months, so I won't get into those details again. However, I would like to thank those of you whose prayers and e-mails were well received during these trying times. My family has appreciated them.

So, to start off new, I have decided that I needed a clean slate. After months of my scraproom collecting dust, and being the catch-all room, I knew that I needed to clean it up in order to be creative.

This weekend was spent cleaning up the table, closet, and floor. As you can see, I was only brave enough to show you what the table looked like after I had cleaned the floor around it. I may have been on a creative hiatus, but sure not a shopping one. lol...

While this might not look bad to some of you, to me, this is total choas. There are actually three kit clubs, a Silhoutte order, photos and photo papers, tons of bottles of paint and glues are under that mat, and other bits and pieces are on the back side of the tool organizer. Sadly, this table is 36 x 40, and not an inch is available for use. On the bright side, while cleaning it up, I did find my missing camera lens cover. YAH!!!

Now that it is clean, I have no reason not to get back to crafting. Especially, with the holidays fast approaching, I need to get busy. So, what are your plans for upcoming projects?


ScrappnBee said...

Welcome Back! *hugs*! Cleaning is always a good way to get the mojo going...or at least discover lost treasures (like your lens cap- LOL). My project is a free BPC class: the big Idea festival. Good luck with the cleaning- Amanda

Amy Kersten said...

Good luck with the organizing and getting back into scrapping! I just re- organized and purged all my stuff back in June so if you need tips just go check out my blog!

Becky said...

Heeeeeeeeeeello!!!!! So glad you're back :) Unfortunately I feel like my room is a mess all the time! Ha! I don't have any specific projects going on right now, but the thought of Halloween/Fall projects are being to roll around in my brain!