Thursday, September 1, 2011

On My Desk

What a long two days! On Tuesday night, my dd broke out with fever and hives and had to be taken to urgent care. Two shots, two medications, and two rough nights later, we ended up back there this morning. More meds and now she is sleeping, which is probably what I should be doing, but with this sweet goodness lying on my desk, how could I?

This is what showed up at my front door yesterday, thanks to my dh, and all I can think about is playing. (And of course, my daughter)

I bought the Teresa Collins Christmas Home collection for my December Daily. It is beautiful! Now, I just have to decide what format I want to use. I also have two Halloween packs from TC and Echo Park. They are eerily (pun intended) similar in style. If I would have seen them in person, I probably would have just bought one.

As far as the three new Crate Paper collections, I am so in LOVE! They are awesome! My mind is racing so fast with ideas, my body will never be able to catch up.

So, since a 4 day weekend is in my midst, I know what I will be doing. But, maybe a little sleep first. ;)


Jingle said...

That is a big 'ole pile of fun!!!!

Steph said...

So sorry to hear your daughter isnt feeling well. Hope she is better soon! Looks like you have some fun paper collections to play with. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Mary Jo said...

Oh my! Hope your daughter feels better! It' s always rough on the mom's, too though. Hope you get some time to play with your new scrap goodies!

Becky said...

Hope your daughter fells better soon and you get some sleep! Then, I hope you get to create!! Looks like some amazing goodies!

Handmade Hannah said...

Hope you daughter is on the mend. Get some sleep and then start going through this lovely pile of new stash. I have just bought the Crate Paper Random line and I adore it :)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I MUST get some of that crate paper ..yum...hope your little girl is feeling better. cherry