Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another layout

After the holidays, it felt good to get back to scrapping, except for the fact that the creative juices aren't flowing that good. I think it is the cold weather. I am not used to it nor do I like it very much. I function better in warmer temperatures. Sadly, this layout below took me an entire day to complete and it is not even something I really am liking, but here it is anyway.

(Sorry, the photo isn't that great because I took it indoors. It is already starting to rain here.)

Every year, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my daughter and a group of friends get together to make gingerbread houses. We have been doing this ever since I can remember. As they get older, they playfully compete to see who gets an invite or not. I always try to allow enough space for 10 kids. This year, we had a few absentees and late arrivals. If I don't take photos right away, then I won't get any. Once they start, I am usually running around, getting icing and such for them. So, unfortunately some kids are missing from the pictures this year.

I don't think they realize how much these memories are going to mean to them later in life. Right now, it is just fun and games. I hope they continue to do things together and be there to support each other. They really are a great bunch of kids.

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Tracy said...

Nice layout. I am full of creativity after Christmas but no time.
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