Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I finally got motivated late Monday night and Tuesday to get this room done. I have organized every inch and all I have left to do is print some labels. Here is some pictures of the finished closet and room.

It really was difficult to purge down this time. I am glad that I only do this once a year. It was a major job, especially with the stamps, but it sure does feel good to start fresh again. Now, I just need to find some time to play with that new sewing machine. :)


Rachel Joy said...

Wow, the color is *AWESOME!* Bright and full of energy, I love it! Great job on the closet, too. I love the idea of the pegboard and having a hanging way to store everything, but all my walls are taken up in my scrap room. I really like that cool paper storage/drawer unit you have, that's pretty slick! I think you've inspired me to do a bit of tidying of my own! ;)

Paula said...

your room looks wonderful; I am in the process of purging/organizing, and get overwhelmed. Your room has me motivated to finish.

Kimmarie said...

Danielle! It looks great!! I love the color on the walls. Everything looks so inviting to play with your stuff. I would have no problem being inspired in that room