Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 2 - Unveiled

Once the purging was done, this is the room that I am left with. It is about 1/3 smaller than my other room, but I think it will work out just fine. All that I have left to do is hang a few things and paint the closet doors.
This first photo is of my desk. It is 48 long x 36 deep and I absolutely love it!  I can have all my tools at arms reach, but still have plenty of room to work.

This next picture is of my paper and embellishment stand. It is right behind my desk and to the left. I can easily turn and rifle through the drawers or grab an ink pad off the top carousel without having to leave my chair. The crate on top houses my paper collections and projects in progress.

This L-shaped desk holds my computer and Silhouette machine in one corner and my cutter on the left. I have plenty of extra room here if I need to lay something down to dry or just get it out of my way. Usually when I scrap, every available surface gets covered.


This cubby unit was purchased from my local home improvement store. I bought two and stacked them together. The canvas boxes hold various supplies and the other shelves hold a few other things such as, inks and stamps.

A pretty clean desk.

And lastly, a shot of the card that took me away for an hour or so from my original task of moving rooms. It was quickly pulled together with a holiday kit that I am offering in my new Etsy shop. Check it out if you have time and tell me what you honestly think. Any feedback is appreciated.

I hope you enjoy my little room tour and that you have some special little place to call your own. :)


Ursula Schneider said...

jealous! your room looks AWESOME! Love that stand on your desk with the punches

Sue Althouse said...

Such a great space! You must love being in there. I also love the card, that doily shape is awesome!

Jingle said...

WOW! Your space looks amazing! Your card is so pretty!

Sara said...

Love your room! So organized! Pretty card-lov the doily. Have fun in your room!

Johanna said...

Nice room!!!! I think it looks very elegant!

Becky said...

Your room looks beautiful! So nice and clean and organized! Love that three tiered tray! Also I'm loving that glittery Top Note!!! Congrats on the Etsy shop!!

Mary Jo said...

It looks wonderful!!!
And so clean and organized :)
Pretty embellishment on the card!

Tammy said...

First, gorgeous card! Love the spiral doily! Second....your room is gorgeous! Wow. It looks fab and is organized so well. :)

Arlene said...

Love your room, it's beautiful! Enjoy your space.

Tracy said...

Your room is perfect. I love that everything is within reach.
My room looks like your "keeping it real" view most days, lol.